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Good Habits Every Golfer Should Develop

Part of what makes the game of golf so beautifully frustrating — but undeniably addicting — is the way it demands the blend of physical and mental attention to detail that perhaps no other sport can demand of a player.

Understanding that fact is what makes the golf community so tight despite the ever-growing number of people picking up the game today. XGolf Denver wants every golf enthusiast to thrive out there on the golf course — whether it’s in person or playing hundreds of famous courses around the world on our golf simulator.

Pressing your game on a golf simulator at XGolf is a fantastic way to learn the finer points of the sport and improve your swing without the pressure of actually chasing errant shots all over the course. At XGolf, with the best golf simulator in the world, you don’t have to worry about the pace of play and there are real-time metrics that you can get on an actual course or driving range without expensive tracking equipment.

At the XGolf Grand Junction golf simulator, you can practice year-round — no matter the weather — play courses from around the world, and even sign up for golf lessons from a PGA professional!

We’ve put together some good habits every golfer should develop in order to elevate their game to the next level and begin dropping scores off their cards consistently. Enjoy!

1) Honesty

Let’s begin with some concepts that related to your game between the ears because that’s really where average golfers and good golfers are separated. Honesty can mean many things out on the golf course, but this refers to being honest with yourself and your ability. Trying to do things your physical ability or technical skills can’t back up will only lead to more trouble than gain.

Lay up when you face a shot with a distance or club you’re not consistent with. Don’t try to clear a hazard with the wind in your face. Play a three wood instead of a driver in tight fairways. Always stay realistic with where your game is and instead focus on the areas you can or would like to improve most. Because you will and then it’s on to the more complicated development!

2) Practice With Purpose

While the old saying of “practice makes perfect” can certainly be true, practicing poorly can make bad habits and end up counterproductive. Instead of simply pounding ball after ball at the same target and sticking with clubs that you know you can hit consistently already, focus on making your time on the range sharpen your game instead.

You want to build a practice session that both challenges you to stay locked in physically and mentally, but that recreates situations you will actually face while playing a round out on the golf course. This can mean different things depending on your skill level and experience, so remember the first tip and be honest with yourself. Then create a practice routine that produces tangible results on the scorecard!

3) Have a Process

Ever notice how all the best golfers you watch on television take a unique, but consistent, approach to each and every shot? It doesn’t matter if they’re on the tee box or scouting the green before a putt — they all have a repeatable process. You should develop one of your own.

Having a process is a great way to keep your mind focused and engaged for every stroke before you actually address the ball and attempt the shot. Having uncertainty or doubt above the ball is a huge contributor to poor shots and big numbers. If you treat every shot equally, then the approach shots after a great drive or 7-footers for birdie feel just like any other shot in the round and the pressure is off!

4) Stay In The Moment

This habit goes hand-in-hand with the previous one above. So often casual golfers become consumed with the overall picture. “Oh no, this shot is to keep me below 100” or “I have to make this putt to break 80.” Stepping outside the moment creates pressure and pressure cracks even the best of golfers. So stop doing it!

Try your very best to remain in the moment and treat every shot on the golf course as if it were the most important shot of the day. By creating a strong pre-shot process, practicing with purpose on the range, and remaining honest about what you can do, you’re setting up the foundation for lower scores. See the pattern?

5) Choose Smarter Targets

So let’s move on from purely mental habits and tackle some habits that involve physical requirements in the game. Many problems in your game are from a setup and target issue. Part of golf is managing the course, so pick specific areas that your mind can focus on and hit them. This includes your yardage!

This is fundamental with every single shot on the golf course (yes, even putting), so master selecting smarter targets and the club to reach the target and you’ll unquestionably begin shooting lower scores.

6) A Great Short Game

There are so many players out there, professional and amateur, who can absolutely pound the ball but are held back because they just don’t have what it takes on and around the green. Truly elite players can get up and down from anywhere, any lie, and at any time.

You know how frustrating it is to have an amazing drive only to follow up with a poor approach shot and then balloon your score with two chips and two or three more putts. Instead of going for birdies and pars, you’re scratching out bogeys, doubles, or worse. A great short game comes down to feel and technique. Both can be mastered if you put in the time practicing!

7) Play With Feel Over Mechanics

There is just no way you’re going to play an entire round of golf without finding yourself in awkward yardages, lies, or angles. There’s a tendency to lock the brain up with too many thoughts on mechanics and forcing a sound swing. You’ve probably noticed that when you get too wrapped up with performing a perfect swing, you end up with the exact opposite.

Develop your ability to trust your body and muscle memory (because again, you’ve been developing those with purposeful practice sessions!) and use feel to execute shots. Your eyes, hands, and imagination can take you a long way if you put in the work and trust them. Playing with feel relaxes the mind and releases your body to do what it knows it can!

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